Shugo Chara! Encore!
Shugo Chara! Encore!

Shugo Chara! Encore!

Other Name: しゅごキャラ!アンコール! ; Shugo Chara Encore!

Status: Completed

Author: Peach Pit

Plot Summary:

Description : Chapter 1: Kuukai is asked to text Utau by Sanjou so she would not feel as alone/hurt about Ikuto's overseas travel in search of their father. Kuukai agrees to this and asks Utau out for one of their Ramen Challenges.Chapter 2: Nagihiko isn't dancing as passionately as he used to, so his mother sends him on an assignment to find the "blooming flower" of his dance. He goes to look at the flowers, and spots Rima under the tree...Chapter 3: Yaya's planning a celebration for the graduation of the other Guardians. She wants to have something explode out of a ball, but can't decide what to put in it. Kairi, who's in town for his sister's wedding, offers to help...Chapter 4: Graduation has finally come and we see how everyone is moving on. And as Sanjo and Nikaidou's wedding nears, Amu who feels a sense of sadness that everything is ending goes to the amusement park which is currently being pulled down. But then the person on her thoughts appears before her...

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