Sweet Escape (Manhua)
Sweet Escape (Manhua)

Sweet Escape (Manhua)

Other Name: 妈咪快跑:爹地追来了

Status: Ongoing

Author: Shaoxing Huang Man

Plot Summary:

Description : She was pushed to a man with extremely mysterious identity. After she was intimate with him, she had no choice but to run away during pregnancy. A few years later, she showed up with her son, Bao! As a little man, the biggest dream of Bao is to help his mom find a perfect husband who should be the richest man in the world with a height of 1.99 meters and 8 abs for his mother! “Mom, what do you think of this man?” Added Bao,pointing his finger at the man who seemed to be a plus size version of himself. “Woman, you’ve escaped for a long time, it’s time to come back and make an apology!” The man appeared aggressively! As a result, Lin zhi lost not only her son, but also her heart!

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