Make Me Hard
Make Me Hard

Make Me Hard

Other Name: Ore wo Tatasete miro yo: Watashi no Joushi wa Kagen wo Shiranai ; 俺を、たたせてみろよ ; 俺を勃たせてみろよ~私の上司は加減を知らない~

Status: Ongoing

Author: Shimanaga Nono

Plot Summary:

Description : Umeko is a virgin and doesn't have a boyfriend. As an office worker moonlighting as a BL manga author, she's always fantasizing about her boss, Miyakado, as a bottom. One day, she gets told by her editor, "Your manga isn't erotic at all! You're fired if you don't get a good look at a real life p*nis!" A flustered Umeko turns to Miyakado for help. He replies with, "There's no point if you don't see it erect" and pushes her down as he teases and licks her breasts and secret place... "Teasing your body is very amusing." the long finger stimulating her most sensitive spot makes all her juices start to flow...

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