Kaishin No Ichigeki!
Kaishin No Ichigeki!

Kaishin No Ichigeki!

Other Name: Critical Hit! ; Kaishin No Ichi Geki! ; かいしんのいちげき!

Status: Ongoing

Author: Amatsuki Narumiya Kei

Plot Summary:

Description : Shino Chigasaki is a high school girl who dreams of experiencing a romance likes those in shoujo manga. On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, she drops her commuter pass and the guy who picks it up bears a striking resemblance to the handsome boy in her dream...! Shino has been shot through the chest with Ichinose-kun's little gesture!? The comic version of "Kaishin no Ichigeki," a song written by Amatsuki, a popular singer. Manga adaptation of the music video of the same name by Amatsuki. Links: Amatsuki ver. Hatsune Miku ver.

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