Ex-Enthusiasts: Motokare Mania
Ex-Enthusiasts: Motokare Mania

Ex-Enthusiasts: Motokare Mania

Other Name: Motokare Mania ; Moto Kare Mania ; Moto-kare Mania ; Where is my Moto-Kare? ; モトカレマニア

Status: Ongoing

Author: Takinami Yukari

Plot Summary:

Description : Yurika Namba, age 27. Unable to get over her breakup with her ex-boyfriend Makochi from five years ago, she stalks him on social media, talks to him in her head… and has generally become obsessed with him. But everything changes when it turns out a certain someone works at the real estate agency she’s just been hired at…! This romantic-comedy roller coaster is a must-read for anyone who’s ever pined for their ex and lost the thread between infatuation and romance!

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