Ou-Sama No Koi Asobi
Ou-Sama No Koi Asobi

Ou-Sama No Koi Asobi

Other Name: 王様の恋あそび ; If a King Does Love? ; Ousama no Koi Asobi ; The King's Love Game

Status: Ongoing

Author: Fujitani Youko

Plot Summary:

Description : From Fujoshi Bitches and Hoshikuzuu Scans:Instead of punishment, what awaits? A mature love story brought to you by Fujitani Youko. Who will emerge as the winner in this showdown?Corporate spy, Makino has slipped into the company, Prad as a temporary worker. But he is then discovered by prospective CEO, Kamina. Ever since then, he is being forced to live at Kamina's place?

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