Other Name: 다정하게 쓰담쓰담

Status: Ongoing

Author: 켐제 (Kemze)

Plot Summary:

Description : "I fell in love at first sight, but I can't approach him!" Woojin, who is so popular with animals can be called a human catnip, cannot get close to people because of her dark and gloomy appearance and timid personality. On the other hand, Sangyoon, the owner of a dog cafe who appeared like fate in his eyes, was so handsome! So bright! So kind In love at first sight, Woojin tries to stamp her dog's attendance at a dog cafe every day, but he can't be courageous to say a word. 'I want to be close to the boss. I want to be close. But can something like me be... ' Can timid Woojin really connect with the dazzling Sangyoon?!

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