Revenge Movie Queen
Revenge Movie Queen

Revenge Movie Queen

Other Name: Reborn To Be A Movie Queen

Status: Ongoing

Author: Updating

Plot Summary:

Description : Be reborn, take revenge and become the movie queen, live a wonderful life together with the leading female character.A super popular new romantic comic that must not be missed!She was killed by her husband and sister during pregnancy? Maybe the god finally speaks for himself and make her reborn to two years ago. Her low profile and forbearance in the previous life brought her nothing but betrayal and misery. In this life, she is determined to make a rise in the entertainment industry so as not to be bullied anymore! Unexpectedly, the rumored President Tang falls in love with her at first sight and wants to marry her? Let’s see how the leading female character will make a change and regain everything she lost!

Chapters - Revenge Movie Queen
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