Nettai Deracine Houshokuten
Nettai Deracine Houshokuten

Nettai Deracine Houshokuten

Other Name: 熱帯デラシネ宝飾店

Status: Ongoing

Author: Natsume Isaku Ureshino Kimi

Plot Summary:

Description : From GGScansBL: Masaki, the only daughter of the Yukimura family and the next head of the school, is suspected of murdering her uncle, Shuushaku. Masaki, having fled the village, crossed the sea and relied on her uncle's will to go to the Shiroganegae, which is said to be a lawless zone. Waiting for her there were three men who replaced the great uncle's heritage: amber, jade, and coral. They were called "jewelry store" and were excellent bodyguards who took over the escort with gold... !! Brought to you by Natsume Isaku of "Ameiro Paradox" & Ureshino Kimi of "Venus Limited Express"!

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