Change H
Change H

Change H

Other Name: チェンジH Blue ; チェンジH Green ; チェンジH pink ; チェンジH purple ; チェンジH Yellow ; Balance Policy ; Boy Meets Girl, Girl Meets Boy ; Change H - Blue ; Change H - Brown ; Change H - Green ; Change H - Pink ; Change H - Purple ; Change H - Yellow ; Change H Blue ; Change H Green ; Change H Pink ; Change H Yellow ; First Night, First Morning ; Hashiru Kakeru Subaru!

Status: Ongoing

Author: Amazume Ryuta Shiono Etorouji Suzuki Akiko Arai Shou Pon Takahanada Rikudou Koushi Sano Takashi Takamichi Yunagi Koharu Orimoto Mimana Ooi M

Plot Summary:

Description : Note: The Author and Artist list just consists of the Authors, though they double up as the artists anyway. Very Long list of authors and couldn't fit them all in the correct section.Author/Artist continued: Ruuen Rouga, Ishida Akira.An anthology of genderbending and cross-dressing. For a very detailed summary, see Manga Updates.

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