How We Love
How We Love

How We Love

Other Name:

Status: Romance

Author: Ongoing


Plot Summary:

Description : Due to an incident at the subway station, Kang Ha-da falls for Storm stan and Moa-biased Yuri, who misinterprets Ha-da as a fellow Moa stan. Ha-da misses out on the chance to talk to her during their subway station encounter and fully expects to never see her again, but by coincidence (or fate), the two of them share more connections than they realize. Ha-da soon finds out that the reason Yuri treated him the way she did was because she confused Ha-da for a Moa stan, so what does he do to get closer to her? Become a true Moa stan himself! This is the story of a boy who jumped into the world of idols to understand that girl’s heart!

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