The Bright Moon
The Bright Moon

The Bright Moon

Other Name: 明月烑烑, Mingyue Yao Yao

Status: Ongoing

Author: 第五庸人 (Di Wu Yong Ren)

Plot Summary:

Description : He is the unreachable Yuetian in the eyes of the world, he cherishes and protects the world and the common people, he is his most revered master, he is also the one he has been looking for and buried at the bottom of his heart, he used everything he had to pursue him, yet in the end, failed. A single step, step by step, he constrains the feeling within his heart, to restrain, to grasp, to become a demon that cannot be slain. In the end one day, even if we are enemies, I want you to be able to see only me.

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