Say Thank You
Say Thank You

Say Thank You

Other Name: Nikaidou Kou Tanpenshuu: Arigatou tte Itte ; Say Thank You Collected Short Stories of Ko Nikaido ; ありがとうって言って ; 二階堂幸短編集 ありがとうって言って ; 說聲謝謝你 ; 说声谢谢你

Status: Ongoing

Author: Nikaidou Ko

Plot Summary:

Description : Your first ever girlfriend, the teacher you loved back in school, your friend’s mother whom you’ve always looked up to, the colleague at work that somehow interests you etc... People like us who just started loving someone else, lead such strong, beautiful and refreshing lives. The scenery which you vividly remember will be changed with your aspirations. Drawn by Nikaido Ko, it’s been 2 years since their last release! An omnibus of precious short stories. ☆ 7 compiled works “Next to You ~side ogre~” “I love my Teacher” “Next to You ~side human~” “Jade Coloured Eyes” “Run!” “Four Donuts” “Love Swing-by”

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