The Little Princess
The Little Princess

The Little Princess

Other Name: 君上的小公主

Status: Ongoing

Author: 极漫文化 一口饭工作室

Plot Summary:

Description : There are many hidden families in the world, and all major families have practiced mysterious yellow magic. As the richest country on this continent, the country of Nu zun is not only rich in resources, but the people in the palace are all talented individuals. The most important thing is that the first queen Bailuo, that is, Luo Jiujiu’s father, is the leading god of war in the Nu zun country. Not only is he talented, he is also the strongest fortune-teller. Many invading countries have been defeated by him, and many small countries in the hermit family want to marry their sons and princes to the country of Nu zun princess, to make the country of Nu Zun their ally.

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