Watashi No Sukina Hito
Watashi No Sukina Hito

Watashi No Sukina Hito

Other Name: わたしのすきなひと ; The One I Love ; The One I Love (Watashi no Sukinahito) ; Watashi no Sukinahito

Status: Completed

Author: Ohkawa Ageha Clamp

Plot Summary:

Description : [From Tokyopop]: Drawing on CLAMP's own personal experiences, The One I Love provides insight both into the creators' own lives, and into the oft-elusive concept of Love itself. This intimate collection of short stories and essays doesn't skirt issues at the heart of the matter such as insecurity, honesty, distance, independence, age, and - of course - marriage. This one-volume anthology comprises 12 individual stories, each of which consists of seven pages of manga and two pages of prose.

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