Kijima-San To Yamada-San
Kijima-San To Yamada-San

Kijima-San To Yamada-San

Other Name: Kijima-san and Yamada-san ; Mr. Kijima and Ms. Yamada ; 鬼島さんと山田さん

Status: Ongoing

Author: Hoshimi Sk

Plot Summary:

Description : Kijima-san, who can hear people's inner voices, and Yamada-san, whose inner voice is very loud. Kijima-san happened to hear Yamada-san's inner voice gushing about her love everyday at work. As time passed, he was charmed by her bright and warm personality. He can hear her heart, but he can't proceed. However, he can't hold back his feelings! A blossoming romance can be heard!!!

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