My Boss, My First Love
My Boss, My First Love

My Boss, My First Love

Other Name: First love is the boss

Status: Ongoing

Author: Qian Hui Comic

Plot Summary:

Description : After finding her handsome boyfriend has cheated on her, 26-year-old Qin Shaofei immediately breaks up with him, and goes back to China. But on the plane, she has a conflict with a cute guy, who later helps her. After getting back to China, Qin Shaofei soon finds a job, but surprisingly, the one that she meets on the plane is actually her new boss Baili Ruyu, and this man lives upstairs. Gradually, they clear the air and become close friends. But Baili Ruyu’s parents act strangely at the first meeting with Qian Shaofei, so do Qin Shaofei’s parents when they meet Baili Ruyu. Why? Did the two people know each other before?

Chapters - My Boss, My First Love
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