Game Yaru Kara 100-En Kashite!
Game Yaru Kara 100-En Kashite!

Game Yaru Kara 100-En Kashite!

Other Name: ゲームやるから100円貸して! ; Game Yaru kara 100 En Kashite! ; Game Yaru kara 100 Yen Kashite! ; Lend Me 100 Yen So I Can Play A Game

Status: Ongoing

Author: Zawa

Plot Summary:

Description : Sugita is a handsome, skilled, newcomer at a company who gets along with everyone…. everyone except for the petite assistant manager, Yumihara, who tend to be very strict on him. One day during his lunch break, Sugita finds a small, secluded, coffee shop named “Dead Copy” which features special tables dedicated for playing retro games. To his surprise, he also spots Yumihara completely immersed in her game like a child; opposite of the strict attitude she shows back at the office.The story follows Sugita and Yumihara’s daily encounters at the arcade cafe, and how the two’s relationship develop through their various interactions.

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