Hadakeru Kaibutsu
Hadakeru Kaibutsu

Hadakeru Kaibutsu

Other Name: はだける怪物 (Japanese); 坦露的怪物; 解放的怪物 (Chinese); The Unraveling Monster (English)

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ogeretsu Tanaka

Plot Summary:

Description : From Must Be Endless: Up until now it’s always been cute girls laughing by my side. But now, sleeping next to me, full of faults, smelling of tobacco, a lascivious man. But he’s the cutest of them all... (Continuation of Shuuna and Hayashida's story. First chapter timeline is paralel with Renai-rubi no Tadashii Furikata, but told from Shuuna POV)

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