My Idol Is A Vampire
My Idol Is A Vampire

My Idol Is A Vampire

Other Name: 明星是血族(中文), My Idol is a Vampire(Bahasa Indonesia), Minh Tinh Là Huyết Tộc(Tiếng việt), Mi Ídolo Es Un Vampiro(Español), นายซุปเปอร์สตาร์เป็นแวมไพร์(ไทย)

Status: Ongoing

Author: Xian Yu Wenhua

Plot Summary:

Description : My Idol is a Vampire Comics Online. The rookie entertainment reporter Wen Qiaoqiao is accidentally sucked by the popular star Bai Ye. As a result, Bai Ye is a member of the modern vampire who strives to succeed in entertainment circle. In order to keep a secret, she is left by Bai Ye with a contract of cohabitation. And as an entertainment reporter, Wen also secretly plotted to uncover the secret behind Bai Ye…

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