You Got Me, Sempai!
You Got Me, Sempai!

You Got Me, Sempai!

Other Name: I Have Come, My Senior ; You Got Me, Senpai! ; Я пришла, сэмпай ; لقد عدت، سينباي ; まいりました、先輩 ; 败给你了、学长 ; 반했습니다, 선배 ; Mairimashita, Senpai

Status: Ongoing

Author: Mase Azusa

Plot Summary:

Description : Serina arrives at school one day to discover her desk has been vandalized—someone's scratched the lyrics to a love song on it...and that someone turns out to be Mizukawa-senpai, a boy who's one year her senior. She wants to get to know him better, but if his frosty demeanor is any indication, she doesn't have a chance! But it seems he might be awkward—not simply mean—and before she knows it, she's asking him out...! With each passing day, her heart races a little faster!

Chapters - You Got Me, Sempai!
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