Madan No Ou To Michelia
Madan No Ou To Michelia

Madan No Ou To Michelia

Other Name: King Of The Magic Bullet And The Snow Princess Of The Frozen Wave Michelia ; Lord Marksman And Michelia ; 魔弾の王と凍漣の雪姫

Status: Ongoing

Author: Kawaguchi Tsukasa

Plot Summary:

Description : The Lord Marksman and Michelia novel series is an alternative parallel world to Kawaguchi's Lord Marksman and Vanadis light novel series, with Ludmila instead of Eleonora as the main heroine. In this alternate world, Zhcted does not declare war on Brune, but instead forms an alliance to wage war against the kingdom of Muozinel. A young man named Tigre goes to war in his father's place, and his first taste of battle begins to go well, until Brune's battle lines crumble to an ambush. The commander of Tigre's unit flees, until Ludmila, the Vanadis warrior of Olmutz, comes to the rescue. Two years after that battle, Tigre and Ludmila have a chance reunion, just as the curtain is raised on a new war, and a legendary evil awakens.

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