Why Naitou
Why Naitou

Why Naitou

Other Name: なぜだ内藤 ; Nazeda Naitou

Status: Ongoing

Author: Akano Kinoko

Plot Summary:

Description : "I love you! Let's get married!" That is how Itou's first encounter with Naitou went on their first day of school. Since then, Naitou has been relentless; proposing to Itou at every opportunity and singing his love for her. But Itou is no obedient goodie-goodie to just sit back and let Naitou do as he pleases. Firing back with her own diatribes, she is determined to fight this out till the end. A comedic tale of two twisted idiots and a boy's neverending pursuit to get his girl... even if that girl absolutely hates him.

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