Part-Time Immortal
Part-Time Immortal

Part-Time Immortal

Other Name: God At Random ; Pluralistic Immortal ; Randomly God ; 兼职神仙 ; 랜덤뽑기로 신이 되다

Status: Ongoing

Author: Ask Animation Studio Ask Studio

Plot Summary:

Description : Ye Yangtian was born into a wealthy family, but he lived a frivolous life. However, although he is a playboy, his heart is full of pure feelings. When prosperity is exhausted, there is only one fool in love left in the world. Unexpectedly, Ye Yang meets the immortal on the way to heaven! All of a sudden, the world is in chaos! Lü Dongbin became a strong reserve of the chairman. Heaven has an extra immortal, but the mortal world is unfolding.

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