The Antagonist's Pet
The Antagonist's Pet

The Antagonist's Pet

Other Name: La Favorite de l’Héritière ; The Pet of the Villainess ; 악녀의 애완동물

Status: Ongoing

Author: Servo Harnen

Plot Summary:

Description : "My dear villainess, do whatever you want to do. Just don't see that son of a bitch." A girl dies and is reincarnated as Sasha, the daughter of a poor noble family in a romance novel she used to read. To survive in her new life, she approaches noble ladies with her innocent appearance and cold wit. Hence, she got the nickname 'The Nobles' Pet.' Rebecca, the villainess of the original work and the Prince's fiancee, appears in front of Sasha, who's using her talent to live the sweet life. Knowing the end of the original, Sasha tried to stay away from Rebecca, but she cannot take her eyes off her cool and collectedness! So Sasha uses her cuteness as a deadly weapon to stand between Rebecca and the womanizer Crown Prince... and... can Sasha survive and win Rebecca's favor? The villainess Rebecca X Healing Pet Sasha's fantasy! Official French Translation: Official Chinese Translation:

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