Mr. Darcy Next Door
Mr. Darcy Next Door

Mr. Darcy Next Door

Other Name: 高冷男神住隔壁

Status: Ongoing

Author: Yoolook Culture

Plot Summary:

Description : “You are born to be his bride. Once you marry him, our family business can secure the biggest support.” That’s what I’ve been told and instructed to do growing up. I feel like a prisoner of my family. Everything is suffocating! Fine, just lock up my feelings and consider my marriage as pure business—I will like whatever he likes, wear whatever he prefers, and behave whichever way he fancies. Just marry him and get this over for good! However, we did grow up together and were once childhood sweethearts. What if… he really loves me and wants the best for me?

Chapters - Mr. Darcy Next Door
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