Moonlight Howling
Moonlight Howling

Moonlight Howling

Other Name: ÁNh Trăng, ÁNh Trăng HÚ ; Dalbit Haulling ; Howling Under The Moonlight ; Talbit Haulling ; 달빛 하울링

Status: Ongoing

Author: Byul Nare

Plot Summary:

Description : Yoon - the veterinarian working at the veterinary hospital - is paying close attention to Eun Woo. Yoon removed his mask to help him when he was sick and for the first time seeing Eunwoo's handsome face, Yoon was mesmerized. He said that there was nowhere to go, so Yoon dragged him to his home, and from there began to share the story of the two of them. The closer Yoon is with Eun Woo, the more curious he becomes ... (version 02) Yoon was very concerned about the guy, Eunwoo, who was seeking treatment at the animal hospital where he was working. When Yoon took Eunwoo’s mask off to treat him, he saw his face for the first time and was immediately captivated. He ended up taking Eunwoo to his own home and the two started living together. But the closer Yoon got to Eunwoo, the more he wanted to know about him…

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