Ookami Wa Hana No Kaori
Ookami Wa Hana No Kaori

Ookami Wa Hana No Kaori

Other Name: Ookami ha Hana no Kaori ; The Wolf Has The Scent of Flowers ; 狼は花の馨り ; 狼有花之香

Status: Ongoing

Author: Riyuma Kana

Plot Summary:

Description : A long time ago, a wolf and a white doe fell in love and mated with each other. A white-haired child who inherits this blood is known as a "white hart" and is duty-bound to become the mate of the royal family. Ilwes, a soldier who protects the capital, rescues a golden-eyed white hart that was confined in a village. He names the white hart, who is thin and incapable of talking, Alta (golden one). Little by little, the two of them communicate with each other through their hearts. He wishes to protect this innocent white hart, whose eyes shine with the overflowing beauty of the outside world. However, Alta is fated to marry into the royal family.

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