Hohoemi No Nichijou
Hohoemi No Nichijou

Hohoemi No Nichijou

Other Name: Everyday Smile ; Hinata (Naono Bohra) ; How To Own A Lover ; Koibito No Kaikata ; Sunny Day ; Wishing Our Happy Lucky Days ; 微笑みの日常

Status: Ongoing

Author: Naono Bohra

Plot Summary:

Description : Collection of oneshots: 1. Hinata (In the Sun) A boy who's been scarred from abuse from his parents finds safety and love in the peaceful life of a retired photographer and his newborn. The sequel to this story is the fifth story of A Bird in a Dream. 2. Hohoemi no Nichijou (Everyday Smile) The cheerful smile of a fellow coworker brings out the softer side of the otherwise emotionless business chief. 3. Koibito no Kaikata (How to Own A Lover) A rather reluctant salaryman is faced with the exasperating advances of a fellow coworker, who insists on being his pet. 4. Omowaku no Arika (Where Expectations Lie) Everyone thinks Kouzuki is cute and harmless, but the truth is quite different and Masayuki is about to find that out... 5. Bousoushinka no Yukue (The Whereabouts of Runaway Evolution) A story about two brothers and their circumstances. 6. Higashi ni aru Uchuu (Ocean in the East) Kyoue wants just one thing; to see the ocean. 7. True Expectations (Where Expectations Lie bonus)

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